Scenes, Sequences & Sound Files

My initial plan was to use voice actors to record individual dialogue segments from my script and then work them into the animation where needed. I also thought about creating separate animation sequences for each scene and then piecing them together in editing software later, as opposed to creating the entire scene in the same file.

What would be a good pipeline for mixing sound and animation sequences? Would it be more efficient to piece together the dialogue first in a sound editor program or can Animate 2 handle what I described? How good is Animate’s sound editor in manipulating the files?

Animate is fine for placing sound files, however it isn’t meant for any sort of sound editing.

I find I get best results with wav files.

Scene by scene, is the best and most managable way to go.

Thanks for the reply… so you would piece together all the wav file dialogue for your scene in another piece of software and then plug it in to Animate?

You can move the pieces of dialog around the timeline.

What i tend to do is move them around during storyboarding, then in reaper (my audio editor of choice) create scene length ones so that when I put everything together I am not relying on Toonbooms exporter for audio and use the wav iles directly.

Part of the reason I do this is that I prefer image sequences to exporting a movie.

If you are just exporting quicktime movies or whatever and are happy with the quaility then no need to take them out of toon boom like I do.

I’m currently working on an animation which has several voice parts done by different actors. I pieced them together in the proper sequence using Sony Vegas Pro, one voice per track. I tried to get the timing so that it sounded natural. Once I finished that, I rendered a WAV of the combined voices and put that into Animate.

Then I started animating it scene by scene and I will put them together in Vegas again, adjusting the audio with the animation. As I do so I will add music and SFX. That’s how I do it.

Cool. Yea, for now I have Vegas Movie Studio and the Sound Forge software that came packaged with it. However, I have yet to animate and incorporate sound. It seems more efficient to have the dialogue sorted out first and time it with the storyboard or animatic before starting the final animation. Then again, I guess you could skip those steps depending on the length of your work.