scenes, how to start a new a new project.

my project is going to be about 3 mins, i want o make the scenes separate, as in new projects for each scene. so i can edit to my liking. i put my characters, after i make them,before animating them into the global the end of each scene, if i put them in global library, the will be animated, but i want to start my next scene with the end of the one before. do i put my characters in the new project, and erase everything up to the end, then start the new scene? or is there a better way to do this?

You can go to the character’s last pose/frame in the current scene, make sure to add a keyframe in that instance, then drag only the cell to your library (not the entire element). When you grab the item from the library for reuse in a new scene, you’ll only get the last pose (provided you’ve added the keyframe), and not the entire animated sequence. Hope that works.

thank you TheCubiclite