scenes from different projects?

I was wondering if it was possible to add a scene from one TBS project to another.

Yes, you can package up a scene in one project as a template in your global library and then pull that scene out of the library into a different project.

To make an entire scene into a template:
1. add a peg element to the top of your timeline tracks.
2. Select all the tracks in the timeline below that top peg element and drag them over the top of the top peg to attach them to that peg.
3. Then collapse the top level peg element so that it is the only track showing on your time line.
4. Drag that collapsed peg to your global library catalog. That converts your scene in to a reusable template.
5. Save your project and global library.
6. Then just open up your other project and drag the scene template that you just created from your global library to the timeline of the appropriate scene in your current project.
That’s it. -JK

Wonderful – thank you!!