Sceneplanning Mode?


I am working on Mac and I just got V 3.5.

I am trying to test out the program and I can’t seem to find the Sceneplanning Mode. It isn’t where it was in V 2.5.

Any help would be appreciated!

-Evan Jacobs

there is no division in two modes since v3.0.
you can fetch the top and side views from the main menu > window.

Sceneplanning mode is the same as Camera View. You can switch from Drawing View into Camera View from the Window menu Window>Camera View or it is reached by clicking on the second icon from the top right of the Drawing View panel the one that looks like and old time motion picture camera. -JK


This program has changed. I haven’t really used it since I finished drawing my movie back in 2005.

It is really like learning the whole thing all over again. I used to be working in version 2.5 on a Mac.

I guess my other questions are… how do you make the pegs work?

And, why do my old drawings from 2.5 not look as good in 3.5? They have tiny white lines in places where the colors used to be solid?

Maybe I need to buy the manual?


Evan Jacobs

Hi Evan,

About the white lines, do you get the lines when you export the movie? The problem might be a refresh problem and zooming in the element should make the line either disappear or change of shape.

As for the peg they work pretty much in the same was as they use to in v2.5. Although be aware that the select tool in the sceneplanning tools do not set any keyframe anymore. If you want to add a keyframe to an peg you will need to us the motion/rotation/scale/skew/motion tool. If you want to select pegs only you can trigger Peg Only mode in the Tool menu, this will automatically select the parent peg of the element. Finally, to select a peg you will need to click on the red circle in camera view or select it from the timeline.

I guess that sums it up.

Best regards,



Hey… thank you very much for responding.

I find that in drawing/sceneplanning mode things don’t look that great, but then when I export them, they seem to look fine. I guess this is okay, I just don’t remember things looking that bad before they were exported in V 2.5.

Do you know what section of the help manual I should read to get my head around the pegs?

This is frustrating but in an interesting way. I mead a 73 minute film with V 2.5. I knew nothing about animation when I started. So I worked with the program, made the film… and now, after a year off I am gearing up to a TV/Internet show based on the film.

However, I now need to start all over again it seems. Which is fine, I am sure once I get it things might even be easier than they were before.

I am still wondering if I should buy the hardcopy manual?


Hi There,

Congrats on your new TV/internet project.

You know the UI has changed considerably but the pegs functions are still quite the same since V2.5.

To learn more about pegs, press F1 to get the online help and click on search button and type pegs.

I’m sure you will find the top topics to be very instructive.