Sceneplanning just not working

Hey, I used the trial version of toonboom 3.5 and found it to be a great tool. So I’ve been using version 3.0 but nothing seems the same and lots of things don’t work properly. For instance, however many times I select sceneplanning tools they just don’t do anything. Also, layers will never display together, only ever the one selected. Lots of things seem to be wrong. Is there some big thing I’m overlooking which is different between the two versions?


It sounds like you are in drawing view and not camera view. Look at the top of the panel where you see your art work and see if it says “Camera View”. If not you need to switch to camera view. Window>Camera View or use the second icon, looks like a movie camera, from the top right of the Drawing view panel to switch views. Scene Planning tools only work in camera view. You can only see multiple layers in drawing view if you have the auto-light table “on” but you can see all your layers in camera view particularly if you select the camera’s layer in the timeline. If this is not your problem , please tell us more and we will try to help.

Also scene planning tools need pegs so in version 3.0 you need to attach your elements to peg elements because embedded pegs weren’t added to create animated elements until version 3.5. -JK

You’re a life-saver, thanks! I suppose that seems like a pretty stupid question. How do you attach elements to a peg bar? Do you need to create a separate peg bar for different elements and does it have to be the exact same duration as the element on the time-line? These are probably silly questions too…


Hey, there are no silly questions, this stuff is not obvious, It takes lots of time and patience and practice to learn to animate and also to use software.

If you haven’t read this article I wrote, I think it will be useful to read.UNDERSTANDING PEGS AND HOW TO USE THEM IN YOUR ANIMATION WORK

In version 3 in order to animate objects using keyed frames you must attach those objects to a peg element. In version 3.5 there is a new hybrid drawing and image element that has a peg element included so it saves the attachment requirement of prior versions.

To attach an element to a peg element you select the element track in the time line, the name of the element, and drag it directly on top of the desired peg element track name. There is also a really easy way to do this by using the add parent peg icon at the upper left of the time line. Clicking on that icon creates and attaches a peg to any selected element. When an element is attached to a peg element it shows as indented in the time line track names list. Also a triangle icon appears next to the peg’s track name. This triangle allows you to collapse or expand the peg and its attached elements which is highly useful. (see my article above)

As to the duration of the peg vs the element. It does not have to be the same duration but usually it is a good idea to match their durations. If the peg is shorter, for example then the attached element will just continue to be displayed based on the last key frames of the peg. This is fine as long as you don’t plan on adding key frames later in the elements exposure duration. The peg can also be longer in duration than some of its attached elements. And a peg can have more than one element attached also. And of course, peg elements can be attached to other peg elements to form hierarchies to support more complex character rigs for cut out animation. I hope this helps. -JK