scene transitions

is there anyway to do Scene Transitions?

Yes, scenes flow directly from one to the other so it is certainly possible to create transitions between scenes. It isn’t automated or canned but you certainly can construct your own transitions like cross fades etc. You could start the transition in one scene’s timeline and complete it in the following scene’s time line or you can make the transition be the end of one scene’s time line and just have the next scene pick-up from there. You will have to plan out your transitions and make the needed sharing of assets between scenes. I typically create each scene independently and then go back and construct my transitions using templates extracted from one scene to move certain assets into the previous scene’s timeline.

I can certainly see a future Cartooning in Toon Boom tutorial opportunity related to this subject. -JK

thansk for ur response.

i think i’ll take the easy way out. (I love the easy way out)

I just rendered each scene to a seperate AVI and used Vegas Movie Studio and joined them together with their canned transitions :wink:

I look forward to it. :smiley:
Meanwhile, your reply and Stowaway’s response have helped me figure out how I might proceed for now.

All the best,