Scene Transitions!

Hello all, I have looked all over the forums and could not find any thread that explain how to make transitions. I wonder if we can do transition effects using TBS, or do have to have another editing software besides TBS to make them???

Regards, Meeky

I might be missing your question, but by “transitions” do you mean when you see one scene on TV fade out & as it does another is fading in? If so that’s known as a “dissolve,” it’s typically used to represent passage of time as opposed to the “harder” look of a cut, where little to no time passes.

If a dissolve is what you’re going for then yes it should be very doable with the color transform effect. You would need to make it so you raise the alpha on your first scene over the last # of frames, and at the same time start your second scene with an extremely low alpha, & raise it over the same # of frames. You’ll have to play with how fast/slow you want the transition, but that should give you the dissolve you’re looking for.

Then again if that’s not what you were asking, then nevermind, just ask again :slight_smile:

Yes Kdog, I mean something like the desolve effect you have just mentioned. But also other transitions, like 4 example the next scene appears in the form of a circle that becomes bigger and bigger until the whole scene shows…

But good explanation for the desolve effect. I will try that :slight_smile:


You could do that as well, try to think of the simplest ways to do things… TBS is very good at allowing your creativity to find a solution to many issues like this one. Think about what you just said you want to do…

well, first we know we want to manipulate all elements of the scene at once. Second, we want the scene to start as a small circle & expand to its original size. Well, the first thing that comes to mind is to create a drawing element, make it a circle (big enough to surround all your elements). Then in camera view, make that circle a parent peg over everything. I mean, have your entire heirarchy as it is, but all of it under the circle. Now goto the circle element that is surrounding the scene. Using the transform tool, at the first frame shrink the circle to the size you want. Then slide over to the frame you want this transition to be completed on, & expand the cirlce. Make sure you note the original size, so you don’t mess up your proportions. while you are resizing, you can hold down shift & all your proportions will stay in order.

There are probably other ways to achieve this, so be sure to experiment. Once you start playing with the program a bit more, you’ll start seeing that you can find a way to do just about whatever you want to do (within reason of course). Hope that made sense

Oh yes it did :slight_smile: thanks.

I will experiment more with that thanks :wink:

Hi Meeky,

We made an article covering the scene transition topic. You can relate to it at the following location:

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