Scene Recycling

Is it possible to put old scenes from one cartoon into a new cartoon.


Insert scenes 5-6 of cartoon A , into cartoon B even if B is completed.

Thanks for any help on this topic.

Well, sounds like a job for the Template Library…
In cartoon A, select ALL your elements (and camera, if necessary) in the Timeline, then drag and drop it into the Global folder of the Library. When you exit the project, make sure that you save changes to the Global Library. In your cartoon B, go get the “cartoon A” template from the Global folder, and drag and drop it into the Timeline of cartoon B. Keep in mind that Toonboom Studio only reads 1 Camera per scene, so if you find yourself with 2 cameras in the Timeline, you will have to select which one you want active, by selecting the proper one in the Camera pull down menu, usually found on the top right of the software. Good luck