scene planning

i need help with the scene planning i watched the steve ryan tutorials and they were very helpful but the only problem was he was using a pc and i have a mac. i don’t know how to get to the scene planing mode and i need to know how to do scene planning on a mac can some one please help me.

p.s. i’m only 13 so explain it in simple words

Easy enough, in the upper right corner of the window pane labelled “drawing view” there are four icons. The triangles and squares icon is to get into drawing view, the old time movie camera icon is to get into camera view which is scene planning. (Steve Ryan’s tutorial are good but somewhat dated and don’t reflect version 3.0 features so be careful). The other two icons are for top view and side view to move things in 3D when scene planning. You can also use the menu Window>Show Camera View. -JK

mine doesn’t have any of this that you are talking about and im looking in the drawing view im also using toon boom express

never mind i found it thank you