Scene planning problems

I just bought Studio V3.5, its great, except every time I plan out a scene, get my foreground,middle,background,etc in the right place, I save it… then when I come back to it later, all the effort I put in resizing,jiggling bits around was wasted.

All the items are back where they are when you first draw,load them in. Does anyone know what the problem is here or what Im doing wrong? Im so frustrated now.

Thanks in advance

first of all: welcome to the community :slight_smile:

as you post a problem (which could be a simple lacking of the tbs operating knowledge or a downright software bug) it’s always helpful when you specify the platform and the software build version.
some problems have been already addressed in the past, so it would be easier to refer to the answers that possibly already exist or to conceive a specific one.

Hi Rob, thanks for the quick reply, Im using Toon Boom Studio V3.5.058 on windows. Ive looked and cant find an answer to this one. I was using V3 and it all worked fine, Ive tried reinstalling but that doesn’t work either… I so puzzled by this. Also, sorry about posting this question in the wrong place, I was searching around and didn’t realise I was in ‘download’.


the v3.5 is only a one week old, so it may be still some bugs.
i’ve seen a build 059 mentioned here, but i am not sure if it’s for a mac platform only, or also for windows.
keep on watching the appearing answers.

p.s. i don’t have the new version, still working on a v3.0.1.

Steve, your description may be too vague for us to help you. If possible can you more specifically describe what you did using what kind of elements and which views and tools you used.

For example I just created 3 drawing elements with one cell each. I went into camera view and positioned each drawing’s content ( a car, a fire hydrant, and some palm trees) using the scene planning arrow tool. Each drawing element is of the normal type, so I arranged them in the time line with the hydrant on top followed by the car and then the trees.

I next opened the top view and still using the scene planning arrow tool I selected each of the drawing objects one at a time and adjusted their front back position as well as their east west positions. I then went to the time line and selected all three drawing elements and extended their exposures out to frame 40. Then back in camera view I selected the car this time using the scene planning scale tool and I did a proportional scaling of the size of the car at frame 1 which resulted in a key frame being set for the car drawing element peg in frame 1 (the built in peg for that element). Then I saved this new project and exited TBS.
I reopened TBS and it auto loaded this project as I have my system set to load last loaded project on start up. All the work that I had done was in place saved as I left it exactly as I expected it to be. SO now we need to track down what you did and why you didn’t get these results.

I have a suspision that you reloaded a previously saved version of your project and not the last edited and saved version but that’s just a logical way to explain your situation as you described it so far. (just a guess)

I using V3.5 build 58 on Windows XP with the renderer set to direct3d. -JK

Hello, thanks again for the replies… here’s what I did…

I created 5 Media elements with one cell each. I dragged the .swf files from the library and dropped them into each element I wanted them in. I went into the top/side view and positioned each .swf object one at a time and adjusted their front back position as well as their east west positions using the scene planning arrow tool (the whole scene is a field with a house in the distance - 1 part of the field is the foreground, 1 is the middleground, 1 is the background, 1 a house and 1 the sky). I kept checking the camera view to make sure I was lining them up correctly. I arranged them in the time line with the foreground on top followed by the middleground, the house, the background and then the sky.

Then I saved this new project and exited TBS.

I reopened TBS and chose my last project opened in recently opened (I have also tried opening my project by double clicking on the actual TBP file). It loaded the project. All the work that I had done was back in the original place it was when I first created the media elements. Nothing is spaced out the way I planned it in the top,side and camera view. It’s as if everything but the scene planning (offset possitions,etc) saves correctly.

It worked perfectly with V3. I have tried starting all over again with a new project, I’ve tried re-importing the files into the libraray, I even re-exported the .swf files I am using to see if that had any effect. And so, I can’t think of anything else I can do to test it.

Hope this helps towards a solution