Scene markers on timeline

Hi folks, can’t remember if this is a thing and haven’t been able to find it in the user guide. Does Anim Pro or Harmony have the ability to put markers on the timeline to, for example, show where a new scene starts? I considered doing this project with separate files per scene but it’s short enough that it makes more sense to keep it self-contained in one bigger file, but it’s a little tricky to navigate.


Hi, Chris,
Unfortunately, Toon Boom Animate doesn’t have this feature.

There is no features as far as I know.
You can either create a layer for that purpose and create a drawing (with information of the scene as well) when starting new scene to identify.
Anyway, it is less likely needed for scene marker since Harmony and Animate Pro are working as scene. Although it might be useful as for the markers in Time Line.

This is what I do, and it works perfectly for me. Once you get comfortable with it, you can colour that particular drawing layer yellow, for example, so it’s easier to see what drawling layer is for scene changes. Go even further and use multiple coloured drawing layers to time individual scene elements/characters and their animation cycles.