Scene Manager

I am working on my first project and would like to go into a second scene. Problem? I have one background song I want to use throughout the piece. How do I continue the same background music from my first scene into my next? I am using Mac OS X, if it makes a difference.


Well, open your complete sound-file in one Sound-Element -Scene-1.
Select the part you want and copy and paste this into Scene-2.
Select another part and copy and paste this into Scene-3.
Proceed as long as you need.

Go back to Scene-1 and delete the part you copied into Scene-2, Scene-3 …
Every Scene should now have its own part of your sound-file.
You could of course use the Sound Element Editor and cut your sound there.

Maybe you should thing about rather using a compositing software like
iMovie or Final Cut and put your scenes together there including your sound.


I really want to do everything in TBS so all the images match up with the sound the way I want and it was really bogging with so many graphic elements. If I need to, I can always erase the sound and import it back in with Final Cut when I am done animating.

Your suggestion worked perfectly! I can get back to work now-thanks much!