Scene Manager Thumbnails?

I’m still working with TBS V3 and found that I could really use some thumbnails in the scene manager to help me navigate my project…

Is this a feature in V3.5? My trial version expired some time ago so I can’t look there, and the feature list on the pdf brochure just says “improved.”



There are two features already available in V3.0 as well as V3.5 that you might want to utilize. First, you can rename your scenes to meaningful names other than the default scene 1, scene 2 etc. So you could have names like Exterior of City, Pan of Ship at Dock, etc. This is useful when you have a number of scenes and need to jump to a specific one during workflow. As to the thumbnails feature it already exists in the Library. Just open your Library and go to the Animation catalog at the top of the catalog list. Expand the list and you will see a list of scene catalogs below Animation. Select any one of these scenes and you will see the beginning of the scene displayed in the Library’s preview window as a thumbnail. This is very useful in finding a specific scene in a long list of scenes without special names.

Additionally, we have requested a future version enhancement that would include notes that could be attached to scenes in the scene manager so that task lists or scene progress information could be viewed there. -JK