Scene Manager is missing

Or am blind or my English is too weak. Is it seems to me that in the Animate can not create a few scenes that constitute the movie … If it’s true I have my license to resell, because in that case this software is useless. Toon Boom Studio has Scene Manager - and it is more important for me and accelerates work more than morfing and inverse kinematics.

you maybe right in regards to scene manager etc…
i searched the pdf and ‘scene’ appears to refer to the file your working on rather than a ‘chapter/scene’ as you’d expect in say toonboom or flash

so in essence you work on 1 shot at a time in Animate rather than create a whole movie in 1 file [scene]

Animate works more like a pro 3d app such as 3dsmax, maya…i’m refering to 3d apps as i know them better but in such apps as these you work on ‘shots’ and then assemble your final renders in a video editng app rather than have
a whole episode/film in 1 file…

so your timeline is for a shot or small selection of shots as you only have 1 timeline i think…unless i’m also missing the mark and have not found something that equates to add new shot/chapter.

just been playing around in animate ple and exported a quick animation out as a swf.

then opened up toonboom studio and imported the swf…the layers came in okay so you ‘can’ use this as a workaround to assemble as set of scenes f rom animate back over in toon boom studio… :wink:

this was just hand animation…will have a quick go with cutout and see what happens to the keyframes…i’d guess they’ll be baked out when made into a swf.

additional>> just tried a cutout animation in Animate and open up the exported swf in toonboom and yeah it comes in okay but the keys are baked as to be expected.

just a note to say my upgrading to Animate is now ‘on pause’ as i’ve been told i’m being made redundant as of this month…

seems i’ve become a new stat in the credit crunch…

oh dear, how sad…never mind!

Cress, really sorry to hear this. Stay positive if you can and I hope things sort themselves out sooner rather than later.

Hey Cress

I am sorry to hear this as well. This economy is hitting us all badly I am afraid.

Any thoughts on what you are going to do?


I bought this to fascilate the animation I couldn’t pull or have organized better with TBS. I knew it wouldn’t be TBS on steroids because that’s what PRO is. So in their defense, it’s Animate not TBS 5.0, guys! Not the same product.