Scene completely erased!

When I opened a scene, This error message came up and my scene was completely blank. Help!

The following errors occured:

  • Cannot open an empty project. Adding a default empty scene

  • Syntax error at line 1:
    Unrecognized attribute (<)

  • Syntax error at line 9603:
    missing " (/>


Have you recently added or modified an existing script?
Did the system crash during your last save?

What exactly remains in your project folder?

I haven’t done anything to the script that i know of. It may have crashed but I don’t remember it doing so. There are 2 previous versions still in the folder, as well as files for audio, elements, environments, frames, jobs, palette library. The error message is saying the timeline and project are missing. Is there a way to find them?

We’re not discussing Toon Boom Studio here are we?
If this is for Harmony or Animate Pro you have posted this
question in the wrong forum.

Please email because it may be necessary to remotely connect to your system to see if the project can be recovered.
In the meantime try renaming the [projectname].Xstage file and removing the “~” symbol from the [projectname].Xstage~ file which is a backup of the last-saved version of the project.