Scene Color Palette Link

To me there seems to be a little user interface disconnect in regards to scenes and the color palette. The color dialogs are different between the two and you can’t easily reference your palette from the scene properties. If you have a nice color in the palette and want to color the scene… you have to remember the RGB and manually set it.

It would be very nice at a minimum to have access to your color palette when selecting a scene->properties->background color and of course the maximum to have global updates of the scene backgrounds by just altering the palette.

Basically what spawned all this for me is that I use a ‘greenscreen’ type of process in certain situations (Alpha sometimes isn’t as ‘organic looking’) for placing my animations over video and have found that in compositing if I have to tweak the mask I have to go to every scene individually and manually shift the color. Very, very time consuming and cumbersome to say the least. My only workaround has been to use a big square in the background, making sure it always covers the camera view and set it to a palette color. This really isn’t optimal either as it just adds one more object to the scene I have the monkey with when animating.