scene and camera

coming from FLASH. The breaking down the animation in scenes on one single main time line is great feature that I can’t seem to do in Animate! I don’t assume that most people use templates? or (mov) symbol to… break down the scenes?

And setting up lips sync… are there any guide for it?

Camera feature. say I have an animation with 3 scenes.
Scene # 1 is frame 01-20
Scene # 2 is frame 21-40
Scene # 3 is frame 41-50
{if i want to pan from 6F to 12F on scene # 2 (frame 21-40). I made a key frame @ frame 20 and another key frame at frame 41( end of scene#1 and the beginning of scene # 3) Because i can’t break them in to scene.}
Then I set up camera at frame 21 the camera still move the whole time line! even with key frame at frame 20!

If I can break this down to symbol of Scene # 1 with its own camera inside the symbol. It would be much easier… or can I? I will look into this.

Hopefully this don’t sound too confusing.