Scene 1 Complete of animation:Dragon Legend

This is the animation im working on atm, the 1st scene is fully completed, im busy working on next.

Feedback would be apreciated

PS: youtube makes it look like i used less frames, its alot smoother in better quality. anyone know where i can upload it where i wont lag like in youtube?

Amazing. You’re doing a great job with your pacing, your timing, your camera moves, etc. A real sense of cinemetography.

Keep doing this!!

Ta appreciate your comment alot! im only 16 arm stil in school but im definetly going in animation direction for my career. I live in south africa so not THAT much animating going on here but il make a plan.


Really good job indeed. You did a really good job with the particles (explosions and stuff). Keep up the good work and looking forward to see the rest.



as stated above, great job! I really enjoyed it & want to see the rest. I thought the intro did an excellent job of setting the mood & as Rob said your camera moves were great throughout.

If I had to give a crit on anything it would be the overhead 360 slash - first of all I loved it, great camera work - just thought the motion was slightly slow. If that was a youtube thing then disgregard, but I thought it might seem like a more dramatic motion if he had spun around twice in the same amount of time, probably with an ease in/out. He could spin twice, obviously hitting the zombies the first time, but not having them appear decapitated until after the 2nd pass. As I said, just a thought, it certainly works well as it is :slight_smile:
Keep it up!

ta for the comment kdog, i understand what u mean ^^
you wil definetly enjoy the second scene then there wil be someting of your taste :slight_smile:

can anyone show me how to fade/ease in/out of a scene? i always did that when i used movie maker, and i dont know how to do in in toonboom.

Might sound like a stupid question but anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


can u please upload ur animation on any other site like , youtube is not opening at my end ! ::slight_smile:

sure np, busy uploading.
il post the mytoons link in my next post and in my 1st

bahamutvivi, to do an ease in /out, look under the windows drop down menu, then select the function editor window. Inside the function editor you will see the “velocity curve” next to that you should see some other options for ease in/out and extreme ease in /out. I think you can read more on this in the manual & I know JK has a blog post that shows pics of the function editor, but I’m in a rush right now, I’ll try to post a link later if you cant find it on his blog.

For more info on transitions like fades see this e-learning article on TRANSITIONS

To learn more about custom easing see the following terms on the Toon Boom Studio Wiki : function editor, velocity, non-constant segments, and pegs. -JK