Hi- I just started a trial of T.B.A.P and was having trouble with scanning.

I cant get the lines to vectorize for paint. I have “Vectorize Imported Items” checked are there any other settings I’m missing? Cant seem to find any awsers in the documention.

Also when I scan my 12 field drawing it comes in at 16 field. The only way it fits is if i uncheck “Vectorize Imported Items” and select pan from the alignment drop down. Then I’m left with another version of an un-paintable image. That is unless I can vectorize after the fact.

I would just like to figure out these basics to determin weather of not this is going to be a suitable traditional hand drawn 2d animation program for my employers needs.


Have you changed your default scene settings?
Doulble-click on your element header, does it say 12 or 16 fields? I suspect that it may be set to 16 fileds.

For the vectorization, if you vectorized an already scanned image, did you enter the correct DPI that the image was scanned with?

What does it say for the alignment rule (element’s read modiule in the network; Advanced tab).