Scanning in storboard "cards"??

I still like to do my sketches on 3x5 cards so i can feel out a few shots and then bring those sketches into Storyboard. I currently take 4 cards, lay them on the scanner bed - scan , cut them into 4 single frames in PS - save them out - blah blah lbah - is there anyone using a scanner or even a card scanner that gets more of an automated process going? any thoughts?


I wonder if it wouldn’t be faster to scan each cards independently and set the scanner to scan only a selected zone (the card framing) and then afterward import those images right away inside of Storyboard.



After chatting with a friend he mentioned that even hooking up a camera to a tripod or the old “pencil checking” sets up might be good and then just do digital shot of each card (which would be quicker than scanning ) and then pull those into SB - and i could run a Photoshop filter on a whole batch to lighten or increase contrast etc - any thing beats waiting for my flatbed scanner to make that slooooow crawl across the glasss… yaawwwwn

and for anyone interested sketcing with a 6B / 8B pencil really helps make dark enough lines to scan/photo well