Scanning from other Toon Boom Programs?


I’d like to know if its possible to scan drawings in Digital Pro, Pencil Check Pro or Storyboard Pro and input those files into Animate Pro?



It kind of depends on what you want to do. With Digital Pro, yes, you should be able to scan there then import since it’s an older version of the software. Same thing with PCP. However in the case of both PCP and Storyboard Pro, I don’t think you’ll gain anything from it, since I believe it works off the same twain-type engine that Animate does.

But if you start a scene in PCP, then you can open the .digital file that’s created in Animate Pro. Also with Storyboard you can do an Export to Toon Boom to retrieve any images that you have made in there. If you create a file from digital pro you can also open that .digital file in Animate Pro.

Also of course you can scan the images in any outside software as a series of bitmaps and then import those images into Animate Pro.