Scanning drawings - TwainScan won't scan drawings

I found an epson driver (for my epson perfection 4490) - installed it and the scanner is now listed in harmony when I go to “file->import->from scanner”.

however, no I’m faced with a new problem:

  • I get to the “scan drawings” window.
  • my epson 4490 is selected in the left tab, along with all the other settings (layer, import options, etc.)
  • hitting the “preview” or “scan” button on the bottom right now opens up the twainscan (epson scanning utility) window (see pic)
  • there I can preview the scan, set the margins, etc. however:
  • then I hit “scan” - (I get a pop-up window saying “its set to scan multiple images and that some applications may not support multiple images, do I want to continue?” see pic)

then: nothing happens. it doesn’t scan.

  • clicking “close” in returns me to harmonys “scan drawings”-window.

any ideas how I can get the scans to harmony?