Scanning and Peg Hole Registration in Harmony 12 Advanced

I would like to use my Brother auto-feed scanner to import a sequence on animation paper.

2 problems: The scanner does not appear in the “import-From Scanner” window. I’m able to use my scanner software to scan an image sequence and import it into Harmony, but I would like to be able to get the registration more accurate.

I see lots of references in Harmony Documentation to a “Scan Module” that has an optical registration feature, but Advanced doesn’t appear to include that module. In the “Import-From Scanner” window there is no apparent registration option. Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this in Harmony 12 Advanced?

The Scanner module is part of Harmony Server, it’s not available on standalone versions. You might find the Scan.exe inside the Harmony installation directory (Toon Boom Harmony [version] > win64 > bin) but it only works with a Database license. It’s a separate application meant to work with high-speed industrial scanners.

I remember having a similar issue a couple of years ago with Harmony standalone. I’m not sure if it was a driver issue or similar, but Harmony didn’t recognize the scanner I had. In any case, you can import the drawings scanned by any scan application (saved named in sequence: image-1, image-2, image-3, etc.) and the software should make the optical registration. I’m not sure it will work by default selecting Black & White or Grey vectorisation, but you can make a ‘new preset’ based on the default ones, then you’ll have access to a window with the option to tick ‘optical registration’.

I’m assuming you are working with punched paper, peg holes and using a black strip on the scanner so that the peg holes are marked on the drawings.

Luis Canau

Ha! The presets under “Convert to Toonboom Vector Drawing” was the key! Thanks so much for your help Luis. I wish it would let me register bitmaps without converting for the sake of pencil tests but this is better than nothing.

Selecting ‘Convert to Toon Boom Vector Drawing’ with the Grey preset (or a new preset based on the greyscale one) doesn’t work for you? It’s a ‘vectorization’ process but in fact it keeps the bitmap texture inside a vector outline (invisible) area. That way you should be able to perform optical registration too.

Luis Canau