scanner advice

I am interested in any comments concerning the use of scanners to ‘shoot’ my animations.
I have the peg bar etc all set up and am looking for a decent (fast) scanner.
If anyone has used an autofeed scanner ? and what results they have had with that. A3 or A4 ? It just seems a very slow way to
get the work onto the comp. Well using my old microtek scanner it is at least. Before I commit to buying a scanner I would like some advice. I know that you tape a peg bar to the scanner. I would like to speed up the process a bit if possible.
I thought of using pre punched paper on the light box and then having two or three little crosses at the top of each page. That way in After effects or whichever software I put the clip together in it should be easy to re lalign/register if the scanner introduced any drift.
Anyway if anyone has any ideas or can recomend a decent scanner or a tight budget, or any scanners to steer cleer of I would be interested.
Also in the UK I have been trying to find a4 paper under 80mgs say 60 mgs . In reams of a4 I cannot find a lighter grade than 8gms
Thanks in Advance

Peter Dexte