Scanned pictures have different Thicknesses

Hi everyone,

I have an artist who draws for me and he sent a profile sheet of some different heads to use on the body’s already created.


When I import to Toonboom the image files Are in large scale and when shrunk down the match the body the heads lines are thinner than the body’s line thickness.


Is there a way to import the image or scale it down prior to importing so as to keep the same line thickness?

I don’t think you’ll have a solution here. This is one of the disadvantages of using bitmap artwork. With vector art, when you use a toon boom pencil line for example, you can go back later on and adjust the thickness of a line. But with a line that’s drawn, like in Photoshop, then the line has to be drawn at the same thickness.

What I’d suggest is for the artist to have access to the original artwork for the body (the image that was imported in). Then they can, on that same image, on a new layer, draw the head.

If they are drawing everything on physical paper, then they have to all be drawn on the same reference paper and scanned in.

Hope that makes sense!