Scan Problem

Using Canon DR 2580C Scanner, TBS 5, on intel quad pc running vista. I scanned an image via Capture Perfect (Canon’s driver), saved it to folder. When I go to import the scanned file I am getting the following Error Message:
C++ Runtime Error. I attempted this process 5 times before writing this new topic.

Does anyone know of a fix?

What is the format of the files created by the canon software? Toon Boom Studio should support any format that QuickTime recognizes.

You can try to change the file format to Tiff or PNG when scanning to see if it gives a different result.

Thanks I’ll try it.

Still cannot make scanner and toonboom 5 communicate.

I Open TBS5, save new project.
Go to File>Acquire>From Capture Device.
"The Canon Scanner is not visible."

Next I go to File>From Twain. This opens a display box which also displays the scanner model and number. There is no field available that allows me to choose between image formats.

I set other parameters for the black and while drawings I am importing. When I hit scan a very blurry image was imported. I then when through Acquire>Twain process again and also did a prescan and I get an error message: Error while saving the animation set. Unable to access file.

I then had to force quit TBS5 since it was no longer responding.

I restarted TBS5. Then, File>Acquire>Twain, and received error message: Can’t extablish connection. Your Twain Device might not be ready.

Turned off, then turned on Canon scanner and repeated acquire process. I made it to the display of the parameters. I set them (no image formats available), selected prescan, hit scan and toon boom attempted to display the prescan display (as it did on previous attempts) then the message: Cancel scanning? (Not responding.)

Selected Ask for solutions from Microsoft before quitting option, and the app quit.

That’s it. Solutions?

If the communication between TBS and the scanner is not working, then the other solution is to use the process described in your first post.

Scanning the images to a folder and then importing them in TBS should work as long as the images are in a format that TBS can read.

Is the Capture Perfect Save As dialog, try different types in the Save As Type field. tif, bmp and jpg should all work with TBS but it is possible that Canon uses a format that is not recognized by TBS.