Trying out Animate Pro PLE - TBS user.

I want to change the absolute scale of an element to apply across all key frames.

Can this be simply done in Animate Pro? At the moment, with a butterfly moving Left to Right, if I change the scale in F1 the butterfly changes in scale to F60. The selection has 6 yellow points (alt 4). I want to change the scale at any point on the timeline so it applies the same from F1 to F60.

In TBS I can set key frames for an element then simply change the absolute scale across the whole timeline with the select tool. The scaling tool in Animate Pro seems to act like the TBS Transform tool - laying down a key frame and applying the altered scale dimensions for only that keyframe.

Thanks for any help

I need to know more information of what you tool were using for Toon Boom Studio but if you want to scale the object regardless the key frame to apply all, turn off the animate button (upper transform) that will apply to all key frame. By default, it is on that means it applies to current key frame.

Make sure the animate button is turned off, than when you scale your drawing it should effect every drawing on that layer.

Another thing you can do create a peg layer and parent your rig or animated layer to it. Than use the peg as a master controler for scale and position.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. That worked. I’ll pay attention to how the animation button ‘on’ affects different actions from now on.