Scaling/Transforming Pencil Strokes Without Distortion?

I’m trying to animate something like a text box that changes size. When I scale strokes with the selector, either from shapes or the pencil, the stroke width is retained. However, when doing so with the animation transform tools, the strokes are squashed and stretched. Is there a way to create a transform tween without this distortion?

I’m using Harmony 12 Essentials.

Hi, did you ever find a solution to this? Thanks

You want to transform a text and keep the thickness of the strokes?

Which version to you use?

Hi, I want to scale a shape, say a rectangle, on one axis only so that it becomes narrower, without the stroke becoming distorted/squashed. I’m using harmony premium 16.


I dont know but I guess it would work. I take a look and see if I find out.