scaling panels to export as pdfs

Ive got Storyboard pro 8.6.2 (version 1.6). I want to export my boards as single panel pdfs, so I can send to clients and they can just ‘tick’ through the boards and see how the action plays. However, most my panels have either dialogue and action notes. So when I export as a single panel pdf, Toonboom exports my board as the art on one page, the dialogue and action notes on the second page. This doesnt work for me.What I want to do is scale down my panel size to the maximum size that would still allow the dialogue/action notes to be included on THE SAME PAGE.But through tons of tweaking and adjusting, I just cant figure out how to customize my pdfs to the specifications I mentioned. Have you guys come up with any workarounds?Ive tried having ‘2 columns’ or ‘2 rows’ and really turning up the minimum space between dialogue/action notes, but no success…Any ideas?

Here’s how you could accomplish something like this:

Tag the panels as “Full Page” in the Panel tab.

Now in the export to PDF options, you can go to the Storyboard tab, Panels tab, then the option Maximum image height for fullpage panel (landscape only) - you can put a value here. The unit of the value is he same unit as the General tab, so if you left it in points, then this unit is the number of pixels.

Just keep in mind that it depends on the amount of text that you have on each panel. Panels that have a lot of text will still spill over.

Keep # of rows 1 and # of columns 1.

Hope this helps!