scaling keyframes on timeline

Hi, I’m trying to scale a bunch of keyframes in a similar way
I do in After Effects. There I select the frames and with
ctrl drag scale them , making them closer together to eachother.
I used the search option in the forum but I can’t find any help
on this topic.
Another question, I select all the layers on my timeline and
click on the enable disable layer , but only works if I click on
each one and not on all selected at the same time. The thing
I do is group them or use a peg, but I would like to know if
there is a simpler way.


Thank you very much.
Do you have a tip or a technique that could help me with this?
I do that to change the timing, and adjusting every key frame
of each layer and it’s very time consuming and frustrating especially if other layers are dependents of this one and are linked with hierarchy.
Thanks again

We don’t yet have the ability to be able to scale the keyframes in the way you describe. We are exploring these kinds of improvements for the next major release of the software.

Yes indeed, the easiest way to achieve this is to group them under a peg. This will also help to keep your Timeline organised.

You can also select the layers then right-click and select Enable > Enable/Disable which will toggle the current state. You can assign a shortcut to this function in the Properties window under Shortcuts tab, Timeline section.


If you want to move the keys on the child layers, then collapse all the child layers under the parent, and when you move the parent’s keys, it will move the children as well. You can select multiple keyframes and move them at the same time, but you just can’t stretch keys in the same way as AE.