Scaling Effects

I just noticed this by chance, but when I scaled up a character using the Transform tool in Animate 3, the effects I used on her eyes seem to change. Specifically, I used a radial gradient along the edge of her iris that was supposed to blur the edges of her eyes into her iris, a blur on her pupil, and a blur on the highlights on the lower part of her iris (not the specula) (the opacity seemed to increase as the scale was increased as well); they looked fine when scaled down (see Image 1), but as the figure was scaled up, the overall effect of the…well, effects, seemed to diminish (see Image 2 and 3). This seems to happens regardless of the resolution I use (having used Film and HDTV to test). While tweaking the various settings so that it looks well at all zooms isn’t that difficult, I would like to know if there is a way to prevent this from happening at all. I notice these all have to do with the radius of a blur, so perhaps that is something to look into.

(Note that the first and second images have been cropped.)


Are those images fully rendered?

Have you tried adjusting the gradient color ratio as you scale the character?

Yes and no; the images are fully rendered, and I haven’t adjusted the gradient at all when scaling.