Scaling drawings and pegs and Maintaining Pivot Locations relative to scale


I’ve been browsing through forums, but I can’t quite find an answer to this question: Is there a way to scale drawings of a rigged character, parented to pegs, which already have set pivots? I understand that you can scale drawings, easy, with the selection tool, but the pivots don’t seem to want to scale relative to the drawings or pegs, they stay in their original placement. I’m seriously keeping my fingers crossed this is just a layer properties setting or something (not holding my breath though :slight_smile: ).

Thank you so much in advance for any advice anyone has on this.

Edit: Whoops, I posted in the Toon Boom General Discussion forums, but maybe someone can still help… I’m using Harmony 11.

Could you describe more fully?

For example, you refer to rigged refers to deformation it

If post screenshots is better