Scaling down drawing

I am trying to scale down a drawing that has been surrounded by the contour tool.
I tried the select tool and then shift. The drawing moves but does not get any
Is it different on a Mac.

To scale a drawing object follow these steps. (this works for Drawing Elements only)

1. Select the Drawing Select tool (1) from the tools palette.

2. In drawing view select the desired object you want to scale. (you will see that object inside the drawing tool bounding box which has unfilled square grab handles on both sides and on all four corners.

3. In the drawing view panel click on a corner grab handle (to proportionally scale hold down the [shift] key) Now that you clicked on a grab handle you can start dragging that handle to scale the selected object. Release the grab handle when you are satisfied that you have scaled the object enough. To scale up drag the handle away from the center of the bounding box to scale down drag the handle toward the center of the bounding box. This works exactly the same on the Mac or the PC. -JK