Scaling Bug in Storyboard 1.5

Hi,I think I found a bug in Storyboard 1.5 (standard). When exporting bitmaps for use in an animatic, I wanted to set the scale factor to 50%. My project’s resolution is 1280x720, so the result should have been 640x320, but instead I get frames that are 1142x642. If I set the scale factor to 25%, instead of 320x180, the result is 571x321.My current workaround is to temporarily set the project size to my desired output size and then export bitmaps at 100%.BTW, I have a request: Could the option to output .png format be added to bitmap export? I would like to have the option to use a lossless format that’s much smaller than .tga or .psd.Thanks for listening.G.EDIT: Nevermind! I misinterpreted what I was seeing. I didn’t realize that when I use camera zooms, SB can output images that are larger than the project size. This is actually pretty cool, but obviously I didn’t expect it. Oh, and just to be clear, I do understand that I can turn this feature off if I need to.Still hope you can add .png support though. :slight_smile: