Scaling animation length

Hi all,

I’ve had a quick search around and couldn’t find the answer… i’m looking for an easy way to scale the length of an animation proportionally. Something easily done in After Effects - I was just wondering if Harmony has a similar method?

Example if i have 3 key frames 1st on frame 1, 2nd on frame 2, and 3rd on frame 4 - is there an easy way for me to select and scale the timeframe so the key frames could end up 1st on frame 1, 2nd on frame 50, and 3rd on frame 100?


Back in 2011 Lilly of Toon Boom mentioned that they were researching this feature for a future major upgrade. As far as I can tell it has yet to be implemented in TB software at the Animate level and above but it can be done in TB Studio using a Peg.

We don’t yet have the ability to be able to scale the keyframes…We are exploring these kinds of improvements for the next major release of the software…

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(Toon Boom Studio) To Stretch a Peg Element:

Ahh… ok. Thanks for the answer anyway :slight_smile: