Scaling Anchor Points

I am using Toon Boom Studio 5.0 on a Mac. I’ve only been using this software for a short time and like it so far, however, for the life of me I cannot figure how to change the anchor point when scaling something in the drawing view. I am very familiar with photoshop (hold down shift to constrain proportions, and command to scale with a central anchor point). I really need to scale things using a central anchor point. I have tried all kinds of key combinations, changing the pivot point, all to no avail. Every time I use the Select Arrow to highlight my drawing, when I go to the corner and drag to rescale the anchor point is in the corner up and opposite the point I’m dragging from. How do I scale drawings with an anchor point in the center.

(I know this is a feature in an older version of TBS on PC, has this been removed in the new version or the Mac?)

Any help will greatly increase my sanity! Thank you

I am having the same problem. It’s making me crabby and regret spending the money…


Are you using the transform or the select tool to do your scale. Also, are you using a peg or a drawing layer. Be aware that on drawing layer using the scale tool you should be able to move the green pivot to set the scale anchor. This pivot should be keep throughout the animation.

If you want to move part of the drawing (not over time) with the select tool be aware that the anchor is always the opposite end of the selection from which you scale from. If you want to scale from the center though you can use the Alt key while doing the scale.

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