Scale elements independently in IK chain.

I can’t remember how it’s done but it is a feature. Some switch some where or something. I need an upper arm to scale to simulate foreshortening. And the child element, the lower arm, needs to stay connected without scaling.
Please tell me how to enable this.


One can scale Symbols independently…
But, I would recommend, creating (draw) new Symbol(s) for your “shorter arm”…
Then replace them where necessary via the Drawing Substitution Window…


They must be stored as symbols first? Persactly, how do you scale a parent element while the child remains the same? Like I said, I did it before. But I just can’t remember the specifics. :frowning:

There is no option like this in Animate. In Animate Pro, however, there is an option to “Ignore Parent Scaling”. Double-click on the child element to open the layer properties. There will be a checkbox under the “Transformation” tab for “Ignore Parent Scaling”. However take note that when you scale the parent, although the child won’t scale along with it, you will still have to adjust the position of the child.

Bummer. I wish they put that in Animate. They should add it.
Actually they should create a new foreshortening tool that scales the element along it’s bone’s direction while maintaining the child’s relative position. And that should be a feature in both Animate and Animate Pro.
Animate is a thousand bucks for gripe sakes.
Thanks for the info though.