Scale changes when parenting

I’ve imported a multi layered puppet I created in photoshop. It’s all to scale initially, but as soon as I start parenting layers to others (ie head to neck), the scales and positions of the pieces change drastically. I’ve seen other posts about this issue but none provide a clear answer or fix. Locking the layer doesn’t seem to work and I can’t find a way to reset the vales of each layer so that their current scaling is their default. Please, I want to be able to import my own PS puppets and not create them solely on Toon Boom!

I don’t know why everything is getting scrambled.

The scale information is accessible in the Properties window.

When initially imported the object is 100%.

1=100% in the software.

Thanks, but I’ve already been checking out the Properties window and nothing on it solves the issue. I’ve tried checking ‘Keep proportions’ but they still change when parenting occurs.

I did not suggest it as a source for your scrambled problem I just pointed out the scale information in the Properties window in response to this"

I have this same problem, but with vector art imported from Illustrator.

Anybody know of a solution?