Scale and Alpha mode

Hi, just a few questions to see if they’re possible:

1. After parenting an image to another image, can I only inherit position and rotation and keep scale independent (without the use of pegs)?

2. AFTER importing images, is it possible to change the alpha mode (premultiply with black or white etc.)? I know this is possible with PRO, wondering if it os with animate aswell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks,

Also, if anyone would like to help me further, when I import images, I need to select “project resolution” inorder to keep them at their original size, however this just scales them to fit, and so when I parent them into another image, the scale goes wack! A work around is to set EVERY image the same size, however if I am using a range of parts from a torso to a finger, then this is quite a waste of texture space. My question is, can I import an image, a “stamp” it onto a drawing cell, keeping the size of the cell the same throughout, but the image is the correct size. The reason is so I can animate it for game assets, therefore I need less texture space as possible in the images it’s referencing.

When you parent one image to another image directly, it will inherit all transforms from the parent.

You can, as you mention, use pegs to inherit movement, but keep the scale separate.

If you can’t use pegs, then you could connect together functions from one layer to the functions of the other, but I’m not sure if this would produce a desired result.

I’m trying to understand your workflow but I’m a little bit confused by your description. Do you think you could link to an image that describes what you’d like to do? You can upload your image to a free site like photobucket and post the link here.