SBPRO6 vectors

So far loving the new vector texture brushes - testing it out now .
But there is now a problem with solid vector . The pen will only draw the solid vector line once I release the pen from the cintiq. Ie i can only see the line I have drawn after I have completed it which means I am drawing blind.
The texture eraser seems to have a bug when trying to erase a solid vector line too. It erases fine but as soon as I move the cursor out of the drawing window to the toolkit the erased selection un-erases and reverts the original vector line back to its state before I erased the selection .
Thanks .

Sounds like your graphic card might be running low on resources.
Contact support to see if anything in your graphics settings can be

It would also be a good idea to update the graphic card driver from
the manufacturer’s website if you have not already done so.

Hi RKris . thanks for quick reply . I updated the driver for cintiq . We are on new 5K Imacs using sierra ( not updated to High Sierra . Studio has not moved to that because of the known problems )

Still having problem with the solid vector brush only drawing when I release the pen from cintiq screen.
I am also worried about the pixelation I am getting when exporting current image using the textured vector brush .

I am working for Locksmith animation and we have silver service.
Thanks Dean

Toon Boom, can you please reply to this, I will also log a ticket for it.