sbpro4 crash

Been using sbpro 4 this week - its crashed 3 times ( losing work in the process )
It seemed to crash when dragging panel in drawing timeline to another position . I’ll let you know if it happens again and the circumstances .
working on new iMac 3.2 ghz

ok its just crashed again only minutes after typing this post - After I stopped screaming I retraced my steps - it seemed to crash as I clicked back through panels using the cintiq buttons . Please advise as this is third time I will have to draw these panels

I have seen this happen when the resources used by the project exceed those available to the system. Try optimizing the project or better yet, split it into smaller part for working and recombine it back at the end.

I don’t think its the size of the file in this case - I have worked on sequences with 3 times as many panels and no problem ( working on 2.5 )
its definitely some form of bug .
splitting scene may be an option though if this continues -
saving like a man possessed now !