SBpro and OSX El Capitan compatibility

Hi, has anyone tried using SB Pro 4.1 after upgrading to OS X El Capitan? what issues, if any, have you encountered? has toonboom provided any official direction on whether to upgrade yet? thanks!

I did find El Capitan wasn’t yet compatible with certain Cintiqs due to graphics drivers used in colour management. But for most Wacom tablet drivers now have been updated by Wacom.

Hey Семён,

Ты пробовал? Windows>Restore Default Workspace? Я думаю, что это имеет какое-то отношение Spaces.

That’s great!

При открытии документа в SB pro4.2 окно программы исчезает.

для наглядности:

Hi PaulBoom!

Thanks for the advice!
my problem is solved!

by the way
now TBStoryboard Pro4 and TB Harmony10 can unfold in full-screen view