SBPro 8.1 Can it import Final Draft 8?

Hi there, our SB machine has 8.+ loaded. Can it load Final Draft 7 or 8 scripts? Or do we need to upgrade? thx!!!Ps. I am assuming that v9=v2 (please guys, give us mortals a break on version names!) and if so, please point me to upgrade options and let me know if there are any differences between Mac and PC versions. I prefer to work on Mac, but I often got to a VM of Windows 7 with other apps that just work better there. Perhaps this is the case with SBP? Don’t worry, u can be honest with me:)

Regarding the numbering, just so that you know there are two numbers. There’s Storyboard Pro 1.5, which is the name of the software, then in Help > About it lists the build number. The build number is 8.1.xxxx

The reason that it doesn’t make sense for us to release the software with the build number as the number of the software is that Storyboard 2.0 is the second major release of the Storyboard software, but it has a build number of 9.0 because it’s the 9th industrial software release overall in the company.

Anyway back to the real question. Storyboard Pro 1.5 (8.1.xxxx) supports the import of Final Draft 7. Storyboard Pro 2.0 (9.0.xxxx) supports the import of both Final Draft 7 and Final Draft 8.