SBPro 4.2 crashes during movie export

Storyboard pro 4.2 crashes on my windows 10 laptop when I try to export projects to quicktime .movs. I’ve managed to export little chunks of scenes without crashing a few times but the movie and sound settings keep resetting to default, so it only exports with those settings. The files were created on a windows 7 pc using SBPro 4.2 at my last studio and have been sucessfully exported on that machine.

I’ve reinstalled SBPro and have installed an older version of quicktime (7.7.7)

Quicktime on Windows is 32-bit and as such is limited to using 1.6 GB of
the system RAM. If your movie is larger than that, you may need to export
it from work or instead export parts of the project as movie or bitmap
sequence - then re-combine the parts using an editing program.

But the computer at my studio was windows too (though a different version), has lower specs than my laptop and exports the whole thing fine. I tried exporting as individual .mov files and it still crashes sometimes.

Also why are my settings (h.264, med quality) not sticking? Everything is exporting with default video and sound settings. The moment I close the video settings window, it reverts to the default.

I just finished my contract at that studio, and will have to use my laptop on my next job, so I need everything to work before that show starts.

The problem may be related to the graphic card driver. Try updating it
to the latest or a different one (even new drivers can have problems).

What about the version of SBP and the build number of the software,
are they also the same on both systems or are they different?

Other than that, compare the versions of Quicktime installed on the system.
Quicktime is used for the movie exports. Note that on Windows 10, Quicktime
7.7.8 is broken but the earlier 7.7.6 and 7.7.7 work properly.

Are there any details regarding the crash to be gleaned from the Windows
Event Viewer’s Application Event Logs? You can access this from the Windows
Control Panel’s “Administrative Tools”.

Both builds are the most recent updates to 4.2. The video drivers are the most recent too.

I’m running quicktime 7.7.7 and have just exported a 2.52 gb mov file without SBPro crashing.

I’m more concerned that the video and audio settings are resetting immediately after closing the movie settings window, which means I can’t encode with h.264, which is required.