SBPro 22 - Camera jitter glitch when using rotation (tilt)

Hey all! I’ve been dealing with a pretty crippling glitch with Storyboard Pro 22

Whenever the camera has any rotation applied (regardless of whether in a 2D or 3D scene) I will randomly get camera jitters even when there are no camera keyframes on the timeline.

I desperately need a way to fix this as it makes reviewing files a hassle.

The only way I can temporarily get rid of the jitter is by copying all the camera keyframes in a scene, deleting them all, then spamming the reset camera button before pasting the keyframes back into place. This remedies the glitch for a bit before it randomly appears again. I’ve noticed that by adjusting panel duration on a shot that has a rotated camera will cause the jitter to occur 100% of the time. If not corrected the glitch will appear in all renders as well (PDF, Quicktime)

I’m currently am working on an apple studio M2 Ultra, 192GB RAM, on Sonoma 14.3.1 - though this issue was around since before Sonoma as well.

I already completely uninstalled and reinstalled Storyboard Pro 22 and am using the native apple silicon version