SBPro 2 is getting stuck on a panel

We have to conform a storyboard from an edit made in Adobe Premiere, so the simplest way was to recreate it all from the bitmaps in the premiere project.We have imported all the bitmaps as scenes, and have been joining them together into shots, ready for renumbering, when we encountered an insurmountable problem - there is a certain point, close to the end of the episode, that SBPro will not allow us to move beyond. The panel stays selected, and if we try to select anything beyond it, it jumps back to this panel.We have tried various things, like cutting the panel in question - but the blocking behaviour just moves to the next panel in line. We have cut the whole scene, but the blocking remains, on a different panel.We have tried saving the project under a new name - same problem.Any suggestions?

Please contact for resolution of this issue.