SBP5.1 crash when cintiq is plugged in.

Hey everybody.

I’m working on a new hardware setup with an MSI gs73vr laptop (running a gfx1060 graphics card) hooked up to a pretty old Wacom cintiq 21ux (the older model DTZ-2100D). Everything seemed to be in order, until SBP started to hang unresponsively after being opened. I tried tons of stuff with drivers, and eventually narrowed it down to only happening when the cintiq was plugged in, or had a working driver installed. I found a workaround in mirroring the desktop rather than extending it, but I really would prefer to have a double screen setup.

The core of the problem: Storyboard pro crashes when the desktop is extended. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

My gfx driver was updated to 376.19 and now everything works. No idea if anything else was changed “under the hood” somewhere.

If it’s useful for anyone else: my wacom driver is 6.3.11-4 and I’m on windows 10 home 64 running SBP 5.1 12.6.1 (11319)