SBP4 - Make end 3D xform settings of 1 panel start settings of next

I’m doing a short storyboard with 3D objects. The object is moving across a number of panels. I would like to make the end positional information of the object in panel A be the start positional information in panel B. At the moment I’m copying the 3D layer from A to B but the placement is all off so I have to go back and flip between the last frame of Panel A and the first frame of Panel B to get things to approx. line up. I figure that perhaps there is a way to accomplish this.



Figured it out. For anyone else who may want a solution, you can copy the layer object at the end frame and go to the beginning frame and paste it in. This gives you the same position/scale/rotation at start and end frames.

Thank you for posting this how-to. It wasn’t working for me as described so I contactedd support to figure out how you achieved it. This was the instruction I received in case anyone else has the same problem:

The first step is to copy the entire layer “as is”

Then you got to Menu>Layer>copy start/end layer position to end.

Lastly you can modify the end position to be different from the start position by using the “Last Frame” tool.