SBP2 v9.1.5 Failed To Cache Sound File

In one storyboard project, I imported a sound file, and when I try to play the animatic I get the error “Failed to cache sound file (xyz.wav) - Error 4”. Any idea what this means?I’m really confused, because the wav files play perfectly fine on another much larger storyboard project on the same computer.Thanks for your help!

Hi Jeremy,It’s not clear from your email if the project was createdon the same computer you are playing the animatic onas you make reference only to a larger project containing thesame sound files.Are you able to hear the sound(s) inside the original projectwithin the software (on the same system that is having theerror)? Is this only happening during the playback of the Animatic?If so, which movie player are you using? What is the OperatingSystem version?What were the specific movie options selected when renderingout the Animatic? Depending on your responses, it may be requiredthat you send the original project and resulting Animatic to for analysis. I will give further instructionsbased on your reply.regards,-ron

Hi Ron,Sorry, I didn’t mean to be vague. I am using a MacBook Pro on Snow Leopard (10.6.8). I was referring to two separate Storyboard Pro 2 projects, which each use different WAV files.I didn’t export the animatic. I was only trying to play it from within SBP…one project worked, the other didn’t, and I’m confused why this would be. It can’t be file size, because the much larger project and files works perfectly.Any ideas? Thanks for your help!Jeremy

Hello Jeremy,Is the project in which the audio file is not working, on the local hard drive, and external drive, network drive or USB drive? We strongly recommend that you use the internal drive as the others may not be able to keep up with the data flow. Also, what is the path under which the project is stored? It is best to avoid accented or special characters in the name or path leading to the project as well as in the names of material to be imported into a project. Only a-z, 0-9 and the characters “_” and “-” are safe for naming.regards,-ron

Hi Ron,I eventually resolved the issue. For some reason, SBP didn’t like the format of that particular WAV file. I converted to mp3 and it worked perfectly. I can only guess that this WAV was created in a different way from the other one that worked. At any rate, the problem has been fixed. Thanks for your help!Jeremy