SBP2 (v9.0) vs SBP2.1(v9.1)

Hi Lily,Here I am again since customer service has not replied to my email in 2 weeks. My studio recently got the upgrade to v9.1.0 - and now I am unable to open files on v9.0.0. I emailed customer service about getting the upgrade even before we found out (the hard way) here at the studio that 2.1(9.1) is not backwards compatible. (We found out b/c my studio machine still had 9.0 while a file I needed to work on came from 9.1). Now I am upgraded at work, but cannot take files home. I am SERIOUSLY hoping this is just a coding oversight, because it isn’t even SBP"3", it’s JUST 2.1 and SHOULD be backwards compatible. However if I need an upgrade, I would like to know how I can get it and if it will cost me anything. Thanks in advance, it seems you are the only person there actually helping customers. :frowning:

I should clarify more info-*.sbbkp files crash/cause error messages.If I zip, or just copy a folder and open that way, the project opens with completely blank panels, no layers, no images but apparently the right number of them. So it is my hope that it’s just a technical error. :-\

Just wanted to say thanks so much, Lily- got my updated copy working and one less headache. :slight_smile:

Hii own Storyboard2(v9.0),how can i upgrade to 2.1(v9.1)?i download again from my account but theres no new version?sorry for hijacking here!and thanks for a reply!BTW the problem with printer in OSX10.6.3 is past or is recommended to do that in newer versions(10.6.7)?thanks again,Lilly!

OKthanks :wink:

It is indeed not backwards compatible. There are some features that exist in 9.1 that don’t exist in 9.0, and so that’s why it’s very important that studios make sure that everyone who’s boarding for them is on the same version.

I am very surprised to hear that you have not had a response from the support team! I am going to escalate the issue with the support team and see if I can determine who your sales rep is to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and I’m very sorry that you’ve had to wait this long!


Yay! Sorry for the mixup once again.


You need to email if you are working with a studio and you need access to version 9.1. It’s not an automatic update, it’s a separate version that interfaces with Harmony.

The printer fix is not necessary with Storyboard 2 as this software came out after the change in Quicktime that caused the crash.